The Intrigue Experience – don’t miss it.

The Intrigue Experience – don’t miss it.

Eureka Springs’ #1 SHOW*

Intrigue Theater’s – The Illusionist and the Medium  – may sound like a “magic show” but it’s really unlike any other show you’ve ever seen.  Intrigue theater brings guests back to the Victorian era to experience an evening where society’s elite would gather to be entertained by an  Illusionist and a Medium.

 Seated in a century old building  surrounded by stained glass with a high ceiling that support brilliant crystal chandeliers, the audience is in for an amazing night.  Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay enter in lavish costuming and dead-on presentation for the period.   The intrigue unfolds with factual background stories that  compel audience members, even the most hardened skeptics to suspend disbelief as Sean-Paul the Illusionist  skillfully performs jaw-dropping illusions that can brings today’s to the edge of their seats.

If you enjoyed movies like “The Illusionist” or “The Prestige,” you must come to Eureka Springs and experience the same atmosphere and performance as the movies LIVE!           

Nationally-acclaimed Illusionist, Sean-Paul, producer of Branson’s Specialty Show of the Year (2009), engages the audience with a series of inexplicable mysteries.

Guests will witness magical demonstrations, feats of astonishing mental capabilities, and a guest from the audience under hypnosis will regress back to a previous life and return with physical proof!

 Anyone can talk to Ghosts.   It’s getting the Ghosts to talk back that is amazing!

The second half of the night showcases the Indescribable Phenomenon of Juliana Fay!  Her performance is nothing short of amazing, as she stands on stage blindfolded and the ghost tell her details about the guests and what they have in their pockets.   The evening is filled with moments of both awestruck silence and thunderous applause, with plenty of laughter sprinkled throughout.             BUY TICKETS NOW

* claim of #1 show is a result of independent online reviews on Tripadvisor


Now in it’s 3rd Season
Intrigue Theater’s Exclusive Evenings!

 After year 3 in Eureka Springs – Sean-Paul and Juliane were seeing ALOT of REPEAT VISITORS.  They wanted to create a 2nd completely different experience for returning guests and so they came up with and CONTEMPORARY version of their show that is still filled with mysteries but also fueled with lots of comedy!

This Exclusive experience is limited to 16-22 people Seated around the table
for 75 minutes as Sean-Paul the Illusionist entertains them with Close-up sleight of Hand and Mentalism.     

Witness the Magic and Mystery take place right before your eyes and sometimes right in your hands.
Just as with the Stage show of Intrigue Theater – this is an experience that can not be had without going to
New York, Los Angeles, or Maui!      BUY TICKETS NOW

 This show runs on Wednesday and Friday nights and some Sunday afternoons!


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Carla Grames
Carla Grames
3 years ago

Can a 11-year old attend these shows?