The Illusionist and the Ghost Talker

The Illusionist and the Ghost Talker

For Immediate Release 8/23/16

Do the Ghosts have Answers?

Join internationally acclaimed Illusionist Sean-Paul and Clairaudient Medium Juliana Faye, creators of the renowned Intrigue Theater, for ONE NIGHT ONLY at each of the locations listed below.

Inspired by the Golden Age of Magic, and dressed in Victorian attire, they captivate audiences while exploring folklore and ancient legends…and then bring them to life!

This completely original experience will challenge your reality, engage your senses and baffle even the most skeptical minds! Communicating with ghosts, voodoo spells, and walking through brick walls are just a few of the mysteries explored and demonstrated by the Illusionist and the Medium.

Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay have produced many award winning shows and earned the praise of television audiences as well as those who have enjoyed the opportunity to witness their talents in person. Now YOU can be among the fortunate ones to witness these performers at the top of their game in a very special venue! INTRIGUE THEATER offers an experience you will never forget!

Sean-Paul and Juliana’s INTRIGUE THEATER has a permanent home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and has become the MUST SEE SHOW of the area. In 2012, they began doing annual Halloween shows at the haunted Crescent Hotel, but their SOLD OUT SHOWS quickly outgrew the venue’s capacity.  This year, these amazing performers are creating new paranormal segments and will present their Halloween Show to intriguing venues throughout the region. This is YOUR chance to see a truly world class performance close to your home! You do NOT want to miss this rare opportunity to witness this event!

Tickets are on sale now at or by calling 855 446 8744  If you read the event description on the web page, you will find the secret coupon code that offers guests $10 off VIP and Premium Seating… while they last.  (Guests in theVIP and Premium Sections will have a much better chance of being involved in Juliana Fay’s Ghost Talking Segment where the Spirits will begin communication!)

Intrigue Theater’s Halloween Tour.


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