Sean Paul and Juliana Fay Meet Mr. Electric!

Sean Paul and Juliana Fay Meet Mr. Electric!

Marvyns Magic Theater,
Palm Springs, CA

The last chapter of our visit out west in California was actually the first part that was booked and the Magic Castle and Masters of Illusion fell into place afterwards.

Marvyn’s Magic theater is named after Marvyn Roy or “Mr Electric” as he was know when he performed on all the greatest stages in the World during his career with beautiful wife Carol Roy.  Marvyn is not 94 years old and he made it out to see our show on the last day of our run.    It is a true gentleman – and a legend in our Industry.

Jeff Hobson – is one of the most recognized Comedy Magicians in the world.   He has spent years in Las Vegas and toured the World with “THE ILLUSIONISTS” and he was also the producer and creator of “THE ILLUSIONIARIUM” on NCL.   Hobson hired us for that show back in 2014.    Since then he and his wife Yvonne have opened this beautiful magic club in La Quinta just outside of Palm Springs.   They have spared no expense and this theater is First Class in every way.

We shared the stage with Losander the German Wizard of Levitation.  Losander is known all over the world in our industry and all the great magicians of today have at least one of his Magical Floating miracles.    We became good friends with Losander during our 6 month run on the NCL Getaway in the Illusionarium production, and he act is a perfect fit with our INTRIGUE THEATER theme.

The Crowds are Marvyn’s  were wonderful and Jeff Hobson was so much fun to work with.


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