Juliana Fay shoots segments for MASTERS OF ILLUSION On CW network

Juliana Fay shoots segments for MASTERS OF ILLUSION On CW network

Masters of Illusion.

Wow!  What an Operation!

Gay Blackstone’s staff contacted us right after Christmas to respond to some ideas that we had submitted to them.      We don’t want to spoil what we did but just want to share what the experience was like.

A MIDNIGHT RUN!   We were performing one week at the Magic Castle and the next week near Palm Springs.   They needed us to be BACK IN BURBANK on the Thursday of the week we were in La Quinta which is 2 hours away.    So the plan was to do a show in La Quinta on Wednesday night and then leave right after the show to go to Burbank – check in to the hotel at Midnight and try to get some sleep before driving to the sound stage early the next  morning.   Then Gay Blackstone had Juliana Fay slated to be among the very first acts to be shot – so that we could leave back for La Quinta to do our next show that night.

That is exactly what happened.

I like to plan for the unexpected and if something can go wrong – most assuredly IT WILL.  However – everything worked out great and Juli’s performance went great as well.  We have pictures of the performance – but out of respect to Gay Blackstone and the network – we will not post those until after the broadcast.

The production and support team was very professional and the gigantic LED backdrop walls made for a truly magical atmosphere.  We can’t wait to see the finished product this summer on the CW – stay tuned – we will let you know the air date when we find out!

Want to see what Juli did in the show?   Come to Intrigue Theater in February to see some special performances of her “cosmos” routine!



Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay meet MrElectric!
And don’t miss
Intrigue Theater in Hollywood at the Magic Castle

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