Juliana Fay Predicts Future and Mails sealed prediction to the 100.7 FM KNPC.

Juliana Fay Predicts Future and Mails sealed prediction to the 100.7 FM KNPC.

ponca-prediction2ON September 12th at 1:30 p.m. Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay of Intrigue Theater out of Eureka Springs AR – did a remote viewing session and attempted to see what the Ponca City News would put as the headline of their newspaper.   The prediction was recorded onto an Audio CD, then sealed and mailed to KNPC radio.  The prediction is currently in the custody of KNPC where it is safe and secure and remain UNTOUCHED.


The Prediction will be revealed
Friday September 30th
starting at 7:40 am  

On SEPT 30TH in front of live audience Sean Anderson will bring the Sealed prediction to a LIVE BROADCAST in front of an audience at Happy Days Restaurant down the street from the Team Radio Studios.   He will break the seal and play the audio CD while holding the September 29th copy of the Ponca City News.   At that point we will see if Juliana Fay has Sean Anderson of KNPC has received INTRIGUE’S prediction of the Sept 29th Ponca City Newspaper’s Headline. He will open it and play it on the radio on Sept 30 on the air to see if she got it right.been successful in Remotely Viewing the Future.   Viewers will be able to Listen live on the RADIO and or watch it live with STREAMING VIDEO ON FACEBOOK.

juli-at-knpcAlso Juliana Fay will also be reading minds from the radio station of Team Radio KNPC while Sean-Paul and Sean Anderson of KNPC will be at Happy Days Restaurant while Juliana Fay will be back in the Team Radio Studios – the Guests in the Restaurant will be able to hear Juliana Fay and she will be able to tell them what’s in their pockets and in their minds and she will be down the street in another building.   We will have witnesses in both places monitoring everything to make sure there is no electronics being used to cheat.   Best of all you can watch the whole thing on Facebook LIVE!   And if you are asking yourself WHY they are doing this – it is because they want to pull in the largest possible crowd at the Poncan Theater for their show to raise money for the Ponca City Ambucs.

Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay will be performing at the Haunted Poncan Theater in Ponca City on October 1st at 8 p.m.  For tickets please visit www.IntrigueTour.com or call 855 446 8744

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