Gearing up for an Incredible Halloween Season!

Gearing up for an Incredible Halloween Season!

fox-theaterIn this post..

  • latest news on our Halloween Tour
  • My Voodoo Zombie Baby – And Intrigue Collection Video
  • We predict the Newspapers Headline for next month!

Our biggest Halloween Tour we have ever done.

Something that began as a single show at the Crescent Hotel on Halloween night has grown into a full blown tour of bringing our INTRIGUE EXPERIENCE to a series of HAUNTED THEATERS and Gothic Masonic Temples throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.  The response has been overwhelming.

We just drove 1000 miles in 2 days visiting each one of the Mysterious Venues every single one of them has their own unique Mysterious Vibe.  The Early Bird Discount codes are running out as we approach capacity on the VIP and Premium Sections.  Get your tickets now by clicking here.   Read the event listing to get the coupon code to SAVE $10 ON VIP AND PREMIUM seating while they are still available.


Halloween Tour Schedule

Saturday October 1st Ponca City, OK  –  The Haunted Poncan Theater
Coupon Code – “marland” saves $10 on Vip and Premium Tickets
 Thursday October 6th  Guthrie, OK     Guthrie Scottish Rite Temple –
Coupon Code – “biggest” saves $10 on Vip and Premium Tickets
Saturday  October 8th McAlester, OK     McAlester Scottish Rite Temple
Coupon Code – “egypt” saves $10 on Vip and Premium Tickets
Friday October 14th  Ft. Smith/Van Buren Ar   The Haunted King Opera House
Coupon Code – “actor” saves $10 on Vip and Premium Tickets
Saturday October 15th Springfield, MO  The Fox Theater
Coupon Code – “museum” saves $10 on Vip and Premium Tickets
Saturday October 22nd  Kansas City, MO   Kansas City Scottish Rite Temple –
Coupon Code – “sphinx” saves $10 on Vip and Premium Tickets
Saturday October 29th  Eureka Springs AR   Eureka Springs Auditorium –
Coupon Code – “earlybat” saves $10 on Vip and Premium Tickets



My Voodoo Zombie Baby – no Seriously –
Click the image to view.

If I have time I would like to continue to create a video series of Items from My Intrigue Collection – this is my voodoo Zombie Baby.  Please Check it out on our Facebook page and if you like it please and Comment, Like and Share and all that – I would really appreciate the support – it actually take more time than you would think to do these videos.



 ponca-prediction2We are Predicting the News for next Month and reading minds from 2 blocks away in Ponca City!  We believe this would “trump” Kreskin!

Friday Sept 30th at 7: 40 a.m.

Predicting the Future in Ponca City – On Monday, Sept. 12, Juliana Fay performed an isolated psychic session in which she declared the headline of the Ponca City newspaper for September 29th – three weeks in advance.   The prediction was recorded and mailed to Sean Anderson of KNPC radio. 

Sean Anderson will keep the prediction and no one will be allowed to touch or tamper with it.  Sean Anderson himself will break the seal on the prediction and play it live on the air while holding the September 29th copy of the Ponca City News.  This will take place on Friday Sept 30th at 7: 40 a.m.  at Happy Days Restaurant where they will be broadcasting the reveal of the prediction LIVE on 100.7 KNPC.FM   and streaming video on Facebook.

In addition to the Headline Prediction Reveal juli-at-knpcat the Happy Days restaurant, Juliana Fay will sean-andersonbe in the Team Radio Studios. The guests at the restaurant will be able to hear Juliana Fay on the radio and she will tell them what’s in their pockets and in their minds all the while and she will be down the street in another building.   Witnesses will be in both the restaurant and the studio monitoring everything to make sure there are no electronics being used to cheat.   Best of all you can watch the whole thing on Facebook LIVE!  And if you are asking yourself WHY they are doing this – it is because they want to pull in the largest possible crowd at the Poncan Theater for their show to raise money for the Ponca City Ambucs.


We would love to get your comments below!










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Richard Weathers
Richard Weathers

Great show we attended the Halloween show in Eureka Springs last Halloween. Many people wore Halloween costumes and a good time was had by all. Dr. Richard Weathers University Professor retired.

Pam villines
Pam villines

Saw the show last night it was great! If you want to see a class act this is one of the best around!
The best show in the area!