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Gearing up for an Incredible Halloween Season!

In this post.. latest news on our Halloween Tour My Voodoo Zombie Baby – And Intrigue Collection Video We predict the Newspapers Headline for next month! Our biggest Halloween Tour we have ever done. Something that began as a single show at the Crescent Hotel on Halloween night has grown into a full blown tour […]

Juliana Fay Predicts Future and Mails sealed prediction to the 100.7 FM KNPC.

ON September 12th at 1:30 p.m. Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay of Intrigue Theater out of Eureka Springs AR – did a remote viewing session and attempted to see what the Ponca City News would put as the headline of their newspaper.   The prediction was recorded onto an Audio CD, then sealed and mailed to KNPC […]

The Illusionist and the Ghost Talker

For Immediate Release 8/23/16 Do the Ghosts have Answers? Join internationally acclaimed Illusionist Sean-Paul and Clairaudient Medium Juliana Faye, creators of the renowned Intrigue Theater, for ONE NIGHT ONLY at each of the locations listed below. Inspired by the Golden Age of Magic, and dressed in Victorian attire, they captivate audiences while exploring folklore and ancient legends…and then bring them […]

The Intrigue Experience – don’t miss it.

Eureka Springs’ #1 SHOW* NOW IN ITS 6TH MUST SEE SEASON Intrigue Theater’s – The Illusionist and the Medium  – may sound like a “magic show” but it’s really unlike any other show you’ve ever seen.  Intrigue theater brings guests back to the Victorian era to experience an evening where society’s elite would gather to be […]

Opening Night a Huge Success!

Heart Stopping Mysteries Friday night, January 15th Sean-Paul the Illusionist and Juliana Fay as the Medium returned to the Haunted Triune Masonic Temple.   Opening night was not with out a few hiccups – but it also included new never before seen moments at the Temple.      A registered Nurse on stage monitoring Sean-Paul’s […]

Is the Masonic Temple Legitimately Haunted?

100 years. Consider a century of time. Taft was president and fast cars or flight for men were inconceivable. Many of our perceptions and understanding have changed radically in this past century. Some things, however, have remained as mysterious as they ever were and the stories surrounding the historic Triune Masonic Temple in St. Paul, […]

Is INTRIGUE appropriate for Kids?

We get asked that question very often, and the answer is two-fold. Intrigue Theater and Exclusive Evenings were not developed to be a Children’s shows.   There are no sponge balls or balloon animals involved.  There is no rabbit being pulled out of a hat (but there is a real Monkey on occasion). The shows […]

Floating in the Caribbean for 26 weeks

Floating in the Caribbean for 26 weeks Intrigue Update – from Sean-Paul the Illusionist of Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs There we were on a ship that comfortably holds more people than the population of Eureka Springs. In past Cruise Ship contracts – we were the only MAGIC ACT on the ship but on the […]

Intrigue in the DEAD of Winter….

Intrigue in the DEAD of Winter…. Intrigue is gearing up to a winter tour – but for the next 6 weeks is staying put in Eureka Springs working on our big plans for an EXCEPTIONAL 2014! New Show at Intrigue Theater – Exclusive Evenings! NOW SHOWING SATURDAY NIGHTS AT 8 PM IN JANUARY 16 Seats,  […]

Intrigue on Tour – The Marland Mansion

Evening of Mysteries in Marland Mansion to help Children with Disabilities Ponca City, OK  February 22, 7 p.m. The Marland Mansion known for its riddles and Secret passages will set the stage on Saturday night February 22nd for a night of Mystery and Intrigue with An Illusionist and a Medium – featuring special Guests from […]