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Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay – featured presenters at ESP conference

Experience a weekend in Eureka Springs that will feel like you are in the movie THE SHINNING. In the Dead of winter – the first 2 weeks in January – come to a setting that will make you feel like you are in the movie THE SHINNING.   The Crescent hotel (America’s Most Haunted Hotel) will […]

Monkey on a Typewritter – reading Penn and Teller’s minds

Monkey on a Typewritter – reading Penn and Teller’s minds

We taped this back in March (right in the middle of the Spring Break season) and it took us 3 months to put this together for the Penn and Teller Fool US Show.    We had a great time and the production company treated us like family.  Afterwards the producers said they were pitching us […]

The Halloween City – Eureka Springs!

The Halloween City – Eureka Springs!

  Eureka Springs: The Halloween City Jill Rohrbach, travel writer Arkansas Dept. of Parks and Tourism Eureka Springs is ground zero for Halloween fun. During the entire month of October, this Victorian-era town claims to “deliver more thrills and chills per square mile than any other town in America.” The not-for-the-faint-of-heart fun includes ghost tours, […]

Echoes of the  Witch Trials – the Ghost Talker faces the Gallows.

Echoes of the  Witch Trials – the Ghost Talker faces the Gallows.

This October we will be presenting our 6th annual Halloween Show on October 28th in the Eureka Springs Auditorium.  We are currently hard at work producing some very special segments for the show, some of which have been in the works for 2 years now.   The segment that is taking the most work will one […]

The Intrigue Experience – don’t miss it.

Eureka Springs’ #1 SHOW* NOW IN ITS 6TH MUST SEE SEASON Intrigue Theater’s – The Illusionist and the Medium  – may sound like a “magic show” but it’s really unlike any other show you’ve ever seen.  Intrigue theater brings guests back to the Victorian era to experience an evening where society’s elite would gather to be […]

Ghost Hunting with the Illusionist & the Medium

An Amazing 5 years! 2011, May, Friday the 13th.   We performed something for the very first time in front of a live audience, a new concept with had been working on for months called INTRIGUE THEATER.  We were excited about it – but had no idea what would live ahead of us.   From […]

Paranormal Author – reviews INTRIGUE THEATER.

Went to an incredible show of illusion and mentalism at the beautiful, haunted Masonic Temple in St. Paul last weekend with some magical students of mine. I wanted my students to feel the energy of the Triune Masonic Temple because it’s so powerful and positive ~ to me, it feels very mellow and calm but […]

Opening Night a Huge Success!

Heart Stopping Mysteries Friday night, January 15th Sean-Paul the Illusionist and Juliana Fay as the Medium returned to the Haunted Triune Masonic Temple.   Opening night was not with out a few hiccups – but it also included new never before seen moments at the Temple.      A registered Nurse on stage monitoring Sean-Paul’s […]

Is the Masonic Temple Legitimately Haunted?

100 years. Consider a century of time. Taft was president and fast cars or flight for men were inconceivable. Many of our perceptions and understanding have changed radically in this past century. Some things, however, have remained as mysterious as they ever were and the stories surrounding the historic Triune Masonic Temple in St. Paul, […]

Record Breaking Crowds Halloween Night!

Sean-Paul and Juliane returned to Eureka Springs just in time for Halloween and were greeted by record breaking crowds.  Fortunately the weather was nice and not raining because there was a line of people around the building and the lobby staffed was overwhelmed by the huge crowd. The audience was great! And for the first […]